Bienvenidos Amigos!

My name is Maya Lexis, and I was born and raised in the state of Texas! That was some unintentional rhyming, but I thought it was a fitting introduction for this quirky blog of mine:)

I am currently a 21 year old college student at the infamous Texas A&M University (no hard feelings if you’ve never heard of it, I was being sarcastic). I’m studying to be an Elementary School teacher and also learning how to become a semi-responsible adult along the way. While I’m not traveling around the world (yet) or telling outrageous stories about college parties and such, I’m choosing to take my life by storm and live a little bolder. All of which results in me writing about my pretty ordinary life and my feelings (feelings are not something I enjoy coping with…). So, sit back and enjoy… and laugh (I’ve been told i’m pretty funny), because from now on I’m turning all the “maybes” in my life into “may(a) as well”.

Maya’s Life Playlist 

  • “All my Exs live in Texas” George Strait
  • “American Girl” Tom Petty
  • “Dreams” Fleetwood Mac
  • “Man! I feel like a Woman” Shania Twain
  • “Dear to me” Electric Guest
  • “Diane Young” Vampire Weekend
  • “Ready or Not” The Fugees
  • “Wannabe” Spice Girls
  • “Blessings” Chance the Rapper
  • “Scars to your Beautiful” Alessia Cara