Thanks & Come Again

It’s no big secret that I have an unhealthy obsession with junk food, and when I say “unhealthy obsession” I mean it quite literally……because the last time I checked Taco Bell, Coca Cola, and Strawberry Twizzlers were not very nutritious. If you have read any of my other blog posts, (which I HIGHLY recommend you do if you haven’t 😉) you probably already know that I have a very serious relationship with Taco Bell. It’s always there for me when I need it, which is usually on a weekly basis, and it never fails to make me happy- except for the time my Mexican pizza came flying out of its container while I was driving and stained my car’s floor mats (my car ended up smelling like musty Taco Bell for weeks, and I surprisingly still craved the stuff almost every day). Because I frequent Taco Bell and other fast food restaurants on a regular basis, (I will say I haven’t been going as regularly as I used to due to my new health kick and lack of money) I’m no stranger to friendly chats with fast food employees. I have found that the drive thru usually goes one of two ways; you either have a chatty energetic employee or a not so chatty not so energetic, take the money and give the food kind of employee (typically I prefer the latter, because I’m not a social butterfly especially when I’m waiting for food). While I don’t mind a “hello, have a nice day” “thank you” and goodbye” type of exchange with drive thru employees, there comes a point when friendly small talk becomes a little too extreme.

This past weekend I was hanging out with my friend Jessica, when hunger pains struck and I just HAD to have Taco Bell. Luckily, she’s great and is always down to get crappy “Mexican” food with me and so we ended up in the drive thru line at 11:30 on a Friday night. We decided to go to a different location then I usually go to because it was closer to her house (I am on a first name basis with the manager of the other Taco Bell in town, he’s real cool), while I was bit unsure of this decision because this was the same Taco Bell location that was responsible for my flying Mexican Pizza…. I obliged anyway. We pulled up and quickly warned the guy working the speaker that we were going to need a few minutes (deciding on what to eat takes some serious thinking time). In which he said “Take as any minutes as you’d like” in a somewhat suggestive tone, and that’s when I knew we had a chatty (want to be comedian) type of employee on our hands. We exchanged unimpressed looks with each other after that comment and went back to deciding on what we wanted, and after a minute or two my friend began rattling off her order

Jessica: “Okay, we’re ready! There’s going to be two separate orders, and on the first, I want one 7-layer burrito and—- what’s the best thing you have without meat?” Jess is a very proud vegetarian, meaning she’s missing out on all of the best food Taco bell has to offer!

Taco Bell Employee: “Ah, man…..I go down on the spicy potato soft tacos. I can definitely make you one of those”

Jessica: “Sure…. now this is the second order—“

Taco Bell Employee: “Second order? So you want another order of the spicy potato soft tacos, man I really sold you on those—“

Jessica: “NO! This is completely different order from a different person…..”

Taco Bell Employee: “Oh, I got you, I got you! Go ahead,”

Jess and I proceeded to order my food, she had the fun job of being the main spokeswoman for the car because she was driving, after ordering we mentally prepared ourselves to meet the flirtatious employee face to face. We got to the window and were met with a shaggy haired kid, he was probably 18 maybe 19, wearing his Taco Bell baseball cap backwards.

Taco Bell Employee: “Ayyyyy, how you ladies tonight?”

Jessica and Maya: *exchange unimpressed looks and say nothing*

Taco Bell Employee:  “The first order will be $4.55……so what are you guys up to tonight?”

Jessica: *Bravely takes on the conversation while I sit in silence* “Oh you know, just being wild and getting Taco Bell”

Taco Bell Employee: “Sweet, Sweet…..well I get off at like 12 and I’m definitely going to go hit up Northgate after this….you know enjoying life and sh*t” Northgate is the local bar scene in case you were wondering, and it’s definitely nothing special in my opinion… but it does offer plenty of liquor which I guess is kind of the point.

Jessica: “That’s great, you do you!” Please keep in mind that all this small talking was preventing our food from being handed to us in a timely manner.

Taco Bell Employee: *Finally doing his job and taking our money, still not giving us our food though* “Let me tell you guys…..I just ended my Freshman year and it was the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE. Now I’m going to be a sophomore and it’s going to be the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE too, you know, party all the time!” After he said this I couldn’t help but silently giggle….this guy was actually for real. Hopefully he’ll learn sooner rather than later that College can’t just be a party….if not he’ll end up working at Taco Bell for the rest of his life. I also confirmed to myself why It’s best not to date younger guys, because they are quite literally children!

Taco Bell Employee: *With our food in his hands* “Okay I’m gonna shout out my snapchat, it’s you guys choice to add me or not but it’s TYLER@3, spelled T-Y-L-E-R @ 3” *pauses waiting for us to whip out our phones and add him* “Yeah so add me if you want, it’s TYLER@3….. I’m always down to party….”

Jessica: *Reaching for our food* “Okay Tyler, maybe the next time I’m at Taco Bell, I’ll hit you up,” Jess kills me, she’s just way too funny (maybe even funnier than me!).

As soon as she nabbed our food we drove off without a goodbye. The worst part of the whole encounter….TYLER@3 forgot to give us napkins and mild sauce. That definitely confirmed that I wasn’t going to be adding him on snapchat !  In the end, the food still hit the spot (Taco Bell never disappoints) and Jessica and I have an inside joke (congratulations, you all are in on the joke too 😊)  to laugh about till the end of time! It’s funny because I question why I’m single quite often, but then I encounter boys like him and quickly remember it’s for good reason.

P.S. TYLER@3 (if your reading this) your welcome for the snapchat shout out! Just remember the next time you flirt with your customers, don’t forget their mild sauce….you loose major brownie points when you do 😉

Catch you on the flipside!



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