Seize the Day

Last Sunday, I made the official decision to have a “treat yourself day”. What exactly did that entail? Well, it meant I spent the whole day doing nice things for myself; I got dressed up (by “dressed up” I mean I didn’t wear running shorts and a college t-shirt), I wore make-up (I think pigs were flying that day), and I took myself to the movies. Yes, I took MYSELF to the movies, as in I went to a movie alone…and it was great (for the most part…)! I never have understood why there’s this weird stigma about going to the movies alone, it’s not like you’re supposed to be having riveting conversations during them anyway, so there really should be no shame in going solo. I really enjoyed my trip on Sunday, I was feeling myself SO much, that I opted to buy movie theatre treats rather than sneak them in my purse (that goes against everything my mother has taught me, sorry mom!).

So, there I was at the movies looking fabulous (not a biased opinion at all 😉) in a candy cane striped t-shirt dress and knit tennis shoes with my popcorn (maybe it was more like butter with a little popcorn added to it) and cherry Icee in hand. My “treat yourself day” was going seemingly, I also forgot to mention that the theatre I went to offered reserved seating in reclining lazy boy chairs, and because the day was all about me, I chose a seat that I figured would be far away from anyone else seeing the movie. The last thing I wanted was to sit directly next to someone while I was watching a movie by myself (let me clarify that; I still stand by the notion that there should be no shame in seeing movies alone, but…sitting next to strangers gets a little awkward sometimes). After giving my whole life savings to the concession stand, I grabbed my things and headed to my movie. When I got into the designated theater I was surprised to see that it was a pretty intimate setting (I was seeing an independent film called The Big Sick, you probably haven’t heard of it which explains why the space was so small), there were only 3 rows of about 8 lazy boys.  I had remembered looking at a diagram of the theater when I bought my ticket, but I guess I hadn’t realized how very few seats there actually were. For a moment, I worried that my “treat yourself day” might get crashed by a stranger or 2 who may buy the seats next to me. However, I noticed that the theater was still empty and the movie was starting soon, so even if someone else showed up it’d be really unlikely that they’d sit right next to me. I got myself situated, got comfy (not hard to do in a lazy boy 😊) and started to eat my butter…I mean popcorn. I had placed my purse on the seat next to me to avoid getting butter stains on it, and while I was mid chew a cute older couple walked in (honestly, they may have only been in their 40s but I’m pretty bad at estimation). I watched as they stared at their tickets trying to figure out where their seats were, I assumed they couldn’t possibly be near me especially considering they hand-picked their seats and the rest of the theater was completely empty.

After several minutes, the elder/middle age/maybe young couple finally made their way to their seats, my heart dropped when they entered my row and plopped down in the two chairs directly to my left. Mind you, the theatre was still empty and the movie was going to start in the next 5 minutes. I then began to talk myself through how I could move to another seat without looking horribly rude or more awkward then I already did, when my thoughts were interrupted

Elderly/Middle Age/Young Woman: “Now do you know much about this movie? My friend told me it’s a romantic movie, but that it looks like one of those young kid kind of movies”

Me: “No I don’t know much about it, my Sister suggested it. I think it’s supposed to be a comedy…it should be good” Admittedly, my tone of voice was less than interested in this conversation, specifically because I knew now I was never going to be able to movie seats without looking like a total A-hole.

Elderly/Middle Age/Young Woman: “Well, I had to force my husband into coming to it….did you have to force your boyfriend to come?”

Me: Slightly confused “No…I don’t have a boyfriend (thanks for rubbing salt in that wound), I’m here by myself”

Elderly/Middle Age/Young Woman: “Oh”

Me: *Awkward Nod* (I give her major props for making an already slightly awkward situation even more awkward!)

Elderly/Middle Age/Young Woman: “I thought that your purse was saving a seat for someone….but that’s nice, seeing a movie….alone.”

Her last sentence was cut off (thankfully) by the start of the previews and the dimming of the lights. While that woman may not support it, I definitely urge everyone to see movies alone…it really is a fun experience, even when you have strangers questioning your relationship status (single independent women for the win!). Luckily, I didn’t regret seeing the movie it was pretty cute and nothing beats cherry Icees and movie theater popcorn for breakfast/lunch. So, I highly encourage everyone to have “treat yourself days” because it’s never a bad thing to celebrate yourself!


Catch you on the flipside!



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