Another Year Older….Another Year Wiser?

As of five days ago, I officially became a legal adult. While it feels amazing to walk into a restaurant and order one of every cocktail on the menu (I don’t suggest doing this…. alcohol is expensive and bars tend to not included the prices of their drinks on the menu), I can’t say with confidence (or say at all) that I feel like an adult. I still call my Dad to ask about all my car problems and to have him make my dentist appointments for me, and I still call my mom to ask how to cook pasta or to ask which brand of paper towels is best to buy. I also must not look physically like an adult either, a few weekends ago I was at the grocery store (a rare occasion) and the woman checking me out asked me what year of school I was in, in which I replied my senior year and she responded by enthusiastically asking which High School I went to and weather because I may know her son who’ll be a junior. She was taken aback when I informed her that I was actually going to be a senior in COLLEGE and the rest of the transaction became slightly awkward after that. I have not only experienced this questioning of my adulthood at the grocery store but also at every place I’ve bought a drink at in the past five days; don’t worry mom and dad it’s only been 3 (they’ve been really concerned that I’ve become a raging alcoholic since turning 20-fun), but each time I order my delightful 8 parts sugar .2 parts liquor cocktail the waiter/waitress hard core questions my ID.

Actual Waitress Remark: “WOAH! I had to do a triple check on you!”

Actual Waitress Remark: “Oh, you ARE 21!”

My mom always tell me to feel honored that people think I’m younger than I am…. however I can’t help but take it a little personal when a 16 year old movie theatre worker IDs me when I go to an R rated movie (yes, that happened in December). Even though I get offended that people don’t recognize my adult status, there is a part of me that wishes I could pause time and not grow older. There are so many things that come along with being an adult, many responsibilities and requirements that I’m not quite ready for. I’ve been told that your early 20s are your prime, although I believe you can make any age your “prime” It’s all about how you decide to live your life but that’s just my personal opinion, but I can’t help but agree because this is the last year of my life that I will be without a “big girl” job- so I definitely need to have my fill while I still have the time.

August 25, 1996: Yes, that is me….not a potato in a swaddle blanket.

In all seriousness, I am NOT a drinker and I am not a party animal by any means, I celebrated my 21st birthday with Mexican food (and one smallish margarita) and then a scary movie (my friends are troopers for going to see that with me!). I also recorded a video of me dancing to a Shania Twain song just to prove to the world how much of an adult I had become 😉! The biggest realization I had on this particular birthday was that the older you get the less important birthdays become, not that they aren’t important…I mean EVERYONE deserves to be celebrated on their day of birth, but they become less of a show, fewer people wish you a happy birthday, you start getting sensible gifts instead of elaborate ones, and most importantly it’s just a normal day when your adult—no special school party or a day off from the world. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but at the same time my naturally pessimistic self has readily accepted that fact. In the end, I’ve grown a year older but I still have many years to come before I grow wiser (wisdom is different than general intellectual btw…I (and my mom) like to claim that I am quite a smart cookie 😊).

Catch you on the flipside!


On a very serious side note: As some of you may know, I’m a born and raised Texan. The state has been my home for my 21 years of life and many areas have been completed devastated by Hurricane Harvey. I have been blessed that my family and I have remained safe, however many other people and families were not as fortunate. Seeing photos and hearing stories from those effected has weighed heavily on my heart and If anything, please keep Texas in your thoughts and if you are religious your prayers. I’ve linked a site that details ways you can help, it’s definitely worth a look if you are interested in donating.




End of Summer Bummer

Oh, Summer; as a kid, I could never decide which time was better…. Holiday season or Summer break (Halloween came in a very close third, I’ve always been attracted to scary stuff for some reason). Until recently the decision has always been a bit of a Sophie’s choice for me (completely unrelated: At the beginning of last year I finally figured out what it meant when people said something was a “Sophie’s Choice”, and I felt the need to watch the movie where the reference originated and it officially confirmed to me that Meryl Strep is a Goddess). Currently, the choice of my favorite time of year has definitely swayed more towards Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year time, those months are full of excitement regardless of your age, where summer seems to become less and less magical the older you get. These past few years of summer for me haven’t held very much, I’ve worked, I’ve taken super lame classes (Including calculus which is a required course for Elementary Education majors…. I’ll pay you $100 if you can find me a kid in *public* elementary school whose learning calculus), and I’ve worked some more. Okay I’ll admit that’s not ALL I’ve done, I have taken little trips here and there, visited family, and spent time with friends who I don’t see too often during the school year. All of those things are great…but I feel like when I was a kid and in my teens every day of summer was a giant party, this could also be because my standards were a bit lower then than they are now; my mom could get me a pack of Lisa Frank (if you don’t know what this is, you most definitely didn’t grow up in the early 2000s 😊) inspired band-aids at the grocery store and you would have thought I spent the night in Cinderella’s castle at Disneyworld. The funny thing is, even though I’m not the biggest fan of summer time (the 103 degree Texas weather doesn’t make it any more appealing), I’m pretty bummed that it’s almost over. In exactly a week, I’ll be starting my senior year of college, and it’ll be my last first day of school as a student!

Summer of 2011: Making fun friends!

While I’m not bummed that this particular summer is over, I think I’m mostly getting emotional because I know this is the last summer that I’ll have before I become a “responsible, college educated, working adult” (that is assuming I’ll be one of those by this time next year). I am aware that when I become a teacher I’ll also have summers off, but again, summer just isn’t the same when you’re a grown-up (us big people actually have important things that need to be accomplished in our day to day lives). Most of my best memories come from summer (haha, I say that as if I’m the only person in this world who has fond summer memories, everyone does right?), my childhood best friend and I would take turns sleeping over at each other’s houses, we’d watch goosebumps movies (as we got older we graduated to actual scary movies), attempt to paint one another’s nails (trust me they still looked crappy even when we were in high school), and we would of course prank call all our “boyfriends” and the boys we had crushes on (I was and still may be the BEST prank caller ever, no bias in that statement 😉). I also remember when I was really little I would spend the summer in Kansas with my mom’s side of the family, my grandma organized an event which we called “cousins week”, which was a whole week dedicated to spoiling the grandkids and forcing all of us cousins to spend time together (okay, there wasn’t a whole lot of forcing going on…we all love each other for the most part).

Summer of 1999: Cousins take the Zoo!

Along with summer nights with friends, hanging out with cousins who I’d only see a few times a year, I also spent much of my time during the summer finding ways to irritate my older sister (still a favorite past time of mine). During the summer months, my parents both went to work leaving my sister and I alone at the house together during the day. I have vivid memories of watching (and pretending I knew what was going on) TRL, E! True Hollywood Stories, and Laguna Beach with her, fighting over couch space and who had dibs on the last bagel bite. We also used to walk to a local grocery store to buy 25 cent laffy taffys and she would show me how to play all the coolest card games (I think she even let me win sometimes…what a good big sister!). To be perfectly honest, I think those low-key days at the house with my sister are some of my favorite summer memories. Granted, all those other times were fun and all but those moments are ones I’ll remember forever (don’t worry, that’s the only cheesy line you’ll find in this post…I promise!).

Today being my last Monday of Summer, and also the start of my FIRST work/class free week in months, I have officially decided that I’m going to recreate my fondest summer memories (minus my sister who lives thousands of miles away now and also minus TRL, E! True Hollywood Stories, and Laguna Beach because those shows are no longer with us. RIP). What I mean by that exactly is I’m going to spend my last week of summer being low-key, I even came to my parent’s house for the last week, making it that much easier to recreate the old summer magic. The end of summer is always a bummer, no matter how eventful it was, but I’m going to try to make the most of what I have left and I strongly encourage everyone else to do so as well—who knows what kind of memories you’ll make!

Catch you on the flipside!


Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Anyone catch that musical reference in the title!? It comes from a classic doo-wop (yes, that was actually a genre!) song by Neil Sedaka called Breaking Up is Hard to Do. For some strange reason, it’s been stuck in my head for the past several weeks, which is kind of ironic because today I ended a very serious two-year relationship. Let me tell you, Neil had it right when he said that ending a relationship wasn’t easy–most of the time, I did not have any problems ending my relationship with my 4th grade boyfriend who was “dating” 5 of my other pre-pubescent classmates the same week he dated me. Before I cause my parents and sister (my most avid readers…so they say) any more confusion, let me clarify that I’m not referring to breaking up with a boy, but I’m officially saying goodbye to my job. For the past two years I have worked almost every single weekday at a Daycare, caring for toddlers (18 months to 2 years, they look cute but deep down inside they can be pure savages). The days were not always easy, on occasion I would have to go home and sit in a dark quiet room and reconsider my future plans of becoming a parent (I made the official decision that I could probably handle ONE in 8 years or so….I was recently reminded that twins run on my dad’s side of the family, yikes). However, through it all I still can’t get over the fact that my days will no longer revolve around wiping runny noses, changing diapers, putting on shoes ( looking away for one second only to find a shoeless child again), picking up toys, and resolving the never-ending issue of ‘who had it first’. Because I’m horrible at expressing my emotions in the flesh, I figured a written break-up would be the easiest (tear free) way to say my goodbyes and maybe gain a little closure for myself.

Before getting this job, I had never worked a day in my life—I was fortunate enough to have parents that never forced me to get a job while I was in school, they didn’t force me to get this job nor was it absolutely necessary for me to have it…I just really liked the idea of having my own money to spend as I pleased (turns out its nice to have money of your own, who’d have thought?). So, when I heard a local pre-school was hiring, I jumped on the opportunity thinking my “Education Major” title would help me land a position. I went in for an interview and was hired on the spot, initially I went in with the intentions of working in the pre-school rooms (ages 3,4,5) because I knew these kids definitely weren’t going to be in diapers ( I had never changed a diaper before getting the job…..crazy, because now I could change one with my eyes closed and a hand tied behind my back). My life however never seems to pan out the way I want it to, and I ended up working with the youngest age group of children the school services. We’re (I mean they ☹) are called the Green Parrots (all the classes have bird names; yellow canaries, red robins, blue jays) and the GPs are the most intimidating bunch of kids the school has to offer. In case you were not aware, toddlers are wild (in the best way possible!); I remember on my first day one of the kids walked (well, toddled) right up to me as I sat on the floor and came in for what I thought was a hug, but instead sneezed directly in my face and walked away. I considered quitting right then and there, but then the same child approached me later and gave me an actual hug after which my soul was officially sold to the school.

I know I’ve talked a lot about the not so fun aspects of childcare in this post and in my past posts, but there were so many great parts of my job that I often times forgot about all the boogers, poop, and slobber (children come with plenty of bodily fluids, if you didn’t already know). Breaking up is so hard to do because of the attachments you have to people and things, and trust me it didn’t take much for me to become attached to all my sweet babies. Not only did I become connected to the kids, I also became attached to the routine of going to work, talking with my work friends (a few of whom have become just “friends” now), and seeing what craziness the day had in store. I don’t think I’ll ever forget getting to watch the girls go from being bald to rocking pig-tails, or hear their language go from gibberish to broken English (I am starting to pick-up on a little gibberish though 😉).

Meme 2
Toddlers are professional schemers! They are ALWAYS one step ahead of adults 🙂

I honestly think the hardest part of my leave is that I know in a few months’ time the kids are most likely going to forget about me—it’s also highly likely that I’ll never cross paths with some of these kids ever again (I’m ugly crying right now ☹) . I’ve cared for and watched them grow for years now, and just like that I’m going to be completely erased from their minds. I know that’s a slightly selfish reason to be sad (everyone deserves to be a little selfish during a break-up), and I need to learn how to cope with saying goodbye anyway as they’ll happen annually when I become a classroom teacher. Teaching and caring for kids is my passion, it’s my career choice and as taxing as it may be… I genuinely love it, but the absolute worst part of the job is accepting the time you have with your kids/students and hoping that during this period (however long or short) you’ve made the impact you needed to make. At the end of the day, I have to allow myself to be happy about the time I got to spend with my babies and not dwell on how I won’t see them anymore. Two years of diapers, tantrums, sticky hands, and baby giggles are behind me; it hasn’t even been 24 hours since my goodbye but I already miss it all so much! Leaving isn’t easy, but it’s all for a purpose I can finish school, get that diploma, and try to become a responsible adult (emphasis on the try). This is a job I know I’ll never forget as I had some pretty fun times along the way, and there’s one thing for sure those kids, the school, and my co-workers will always and forever be dear to me.

P.S. I know this was a sappy “goodbye” blog, but I also thought I’d mention that I picked up a shift to substitute in three weeks……they can’t get rid of me that fast! 😉

Catch you on the flipside!


Thanks & Come Again

It’s no big secret that I have an unhealthy obsession with junk food, and when I say “unhealthy obsession” I mean it quite literally……because the last time I checked Taco Bell, Coca Cola, and Strawberry Twizzlers were not very nutritious. If you have read any of my other blog posts, (which I HIGHLY recommend you do if you haven’t 😉) you probably already know that I have a very serious relationship with Taco Bell. It’s always there for me when I need it, which is usually on a weekly basis, and it never fails to make me happy- except for the time my Mexican pizza came flying out of its container while I was driving and stained my car’s floor mats (my car ended up smelling like musty Taco Bell for weeks, and I surprisingly still craved the stuff almost every day). Because I frequent Taco Bell and other fast food restaurants on a regular basis, (I will say I haven’t been going as regularly as I used to due to my new health kick and lack of money) I’m no stranger to friendly chats with fast food employees. I have found that the drive thru usually goes one of two ways; you either have a chatty energetic employee or a not so chatty not so energetic, take the money and give the food kind of employee (typically I prefer the latter, because I’m not a social butterfly especially when I’m waiting for food). While I don’t mind a “hello, have a nice day” “thank you” and goodbye” type of exchange with drive thru employees, there comes a point when friendly small talk becomes a little too extreme.

This past weekend I was hanging out with my friend Jessica, when hunger pains struck and I just HAD to have Taco Bell. Luckily, she’s great and is always down to get crappy “Mexican” food with me and so we ended up in the drive thru line at 11:30 on a Friday night. We decided to go to a different location then I usually go to because it was closer to her house (I am on a first name basis with the manager of the other Taco Bell in town, he’s real cool), while I was bit unsure of this decision because this was the same Taco Bell location that was responsible for my flying Mexican Pizza…. I obliged anyway. We pulled up and quickly warned the guy working the speaker that we were going to need a few minutes (deciding on what to eat takes some serious thinking time). In which he said “Take as any minutes as you’d like” in a somewhat suggestive tone, and that’s when I knew we had a chatty (want to be comedian) type of employee on our hands. We exchanged unimpressed looks with each other after that comment and went back to deciding on what we wanted, and after a minute or two my friend began rattling off her order

Jessica: “Okay, we’re ready! There’s going to be two separate orders, and on the first, I want one 7-layer burrito and—- what’s the best thing you have without meat?” Jess is a very proud vegetarian, meaning she’s missing out on all of the best food Taco bell has to offer!

Taco Bell Employee: “Ah, man…..I go down on the spicy potato soft tacos. I can definitely make you one of those”

Jessica: “Sure…. now this is the second order—“

Taco Bell Employee: “Second order? So you want another order of the spicy potato soft tacos, man I really sold you on those—“

Jessica: “NO! This is completely different order from a different person…..”

Taco Bell Employee: “Oh, I got you, I got you! Go ahead,”

Jess and I proceeded to order my food, she had the fun job of being the main spokeswoman for the car because she was driving, after ordering we mentally prepared ourselves to meet the flirtatious employee face to face. We got to the window and were met with a shaggy haired kid, he was probably 18 maybe 19, wearing his Taco Bell baseball cap backwards.

Taco Bell Employee: “Ayyyyy, how you ladies tonight?”

Jessica and Maya: *exchange unimpressed looks and say nothing*

Taco Bell Employee:  “The first order will be $4.55……so what are you guys up to tonight?”

Jessica: *Bravely takes on the conversation while I sit in silence* “Oh you know, just being wild and getting Taco Bell”

Taco Bell Employee: “Sweet, Sweet…..well I get off at like 12 and I’m definitely going to go hit up Northgate after this….you know enjoying life and sh*t” Northgate is the local bar scene in case you were wondering, and it’s definitely nothing special in my opinion… but it does offer plenty of liquor which I guess is kind of the point.

Jessica: “That’s great, you do you!” Please keep in mind that all this small talking was preventing our food from being handed to us in a timely manner.

Taco Bell Employee: *Finally doing his job and taking our money, still not giving us our food though* “Let me tell you guys…..I just ended my Freshman year and it was the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE. Now I’m going to be a sophomore and it’s going to be the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE too, you know, party all the time!” After he said this I couldn’t help but silently giggle….this guy was actually for real. Hopefully he’ll learn sooner rather than later that College can’t just be a party….if not he’ll end up working at Taco Bell for the rest of his life. I also confirmed to myself why It’s best not to date younger guys, because they are quite literally children!

Taco Bell Employee: *With our food in his hands* “Okay I’m gonna shout out my snapchat, it’s you guys choice to add me or not but it’s TYLER@3, spelled T-Y-L-E-R @ 3” *pauses waiting for us to whip out our phones and add him* “Yeah so add me if you want, it’s TYLER@3….. I’m always down to party….”

Jessica: *Reaching for our food* “Okay Tyler, maybe the next time I’m at Taco Bell, I’ll hit you up,” Jess kills me, she’s just way too funny (maybe even funnier than me!).

As soon as she nabbed our food we drove off without a goodbye. The worst part of the whole encounter….TYLER@3 forgot to give us napkins and mild sauce. That definitely confirmed that I wasn’t going to be adding him on snapchat !  In the end, the food still hit the spot (Taco Bell never disappoints) and Jessica and I have an inside joke (congratulations, you all are in on the joke too 😊)  to laugh about till the end of time! It’s funny because I question why I’m single quite often, but then I encounter boys like him and quickly remember it’s for good reason.

P.S. TYLER@3 (if your reading this) your welcome for the snapchat shout out! Just remember the next time you flirt with your customers, don’t forget their mild sauce….you loose major brownie points when you do 😉

Catch you on the flipside!


Seize the Day

Last Sunday, I made the official decision to have a “treat yourself day”. What exactly did that entail? Well, it meant I spent the whole day doing nice things for myself; I got dressed up (by “dressed up” I mean I didn’t wear running shorts and a college t-shirt), I wore make-up (I think pigs were flying that day), and I took myself to the movies. Yes, I took MYSELF to the movies, as in I went to a movie alone…and it was great (for the most part…)! I never have understood why there’s this weird stigma about going to the movies alone, it’s not like you’re supposed to be having riveting conversations during them anyway, so there really should be no shame in going solo. I really enjoyed my trip on Sunday, I was feeling myself SO much, that I opted to buy movie theatre treats rather than sneak them in my purse (that goes against everything my mother has taught me, sorry mom!).

So, there I was at the movies looking fabulous (not a biased opinion at all 😉) in a candy cane striped t-shirt dress and knit tennis shoes with my popcorn (maybe it was more like butter with a little popcorn added to it) and cherry Icee in hand. My “treat yourself day” was going seemingly, I also forgot to mention that the theatre I went to offered reserved seating in reclining lazy boy chairs, and because the day was all about me, I chose a seat that I figured would be far away from anyone else seeing the movie. The last thing I wanted was to sit directly next to someone while I was watching a movie by myself (let me clarify that; I still stand by the notion that there should be no shame in seeing movies alone, but…sitting next to strangers gets a little awkward sometimes). After giving my whole life savings to the concession stand, I grabbed my things and headed to my movie. When I got into the designated theater I was surprised to see that it was a pretty intimate setting (I was seeing an independent film called The Big Sick, you probably haven’t heard of it which explains why the space was so small), there were only 3 rows of about 8 lazy boys.  I had remembered looking at a diagram of the theater when I bought my ticket, but I guess I hadn’t realized how very few seats there actually were. For a moment, I worried that my “treat yourself day” might get crashed by a stranger or 2 who may buy the seats next to me. However, I noticed that the theater was still empty and the movie was starting soon, so even if someone else showed up it’d be really unlikely that they’d sit right next to me. I got myself situated, got comfy (not hard to do in a lazy boy 😊) and started to eat my butter…I mean popcorn. I had placed my purse on the seat next to me to avoid getting butter stains on it, and while I was mid chew a cute older couple walked in (honestly, they may have only been in their 40s but I’m pretty bad at estimation). I watched as they stared at their tickets trying to figure out where their seats were, I assumed they couldn’t possibly be near me especially considering they hand-picked their seats and the rest of the theater was completely empty.

After several minutes, the elder/middle age/maybe young couple finally made their way to their seats, my heart dropped when they entered my row and plopped down in the two chairs directly to my left. Mind you, the theatre was still empty and the movie was going to start in the next 5 minutes. I then began to talk myself through how I could move to another seat without looking horribly rude or more awkward then I already did, when my thoughts were interrupted

Elderly/Middle Age/Young Woman: “Now do you know much about this movie? My friend told me it’s a romantic movie, but that it looks like one of those young kid kind of movies”

Me: “No I don’t know much about it, my Sister suggested it. I think it’s supposed to be a comedy…it should be good” Admittedly, my tone of voice was less than interested in this conversation, specifically because I knew now I was never going to be able to movie seats without looking like a total A-hole.

Elderly/Middle Age/Young Woman: “Well, I had to force my husband into coming to it….did you have to force your boyfriend to come?”

Me: Slightly confused “No…I don’t have a boyfriend (thanks for rubbing salt in that wound), I’m here by myself”

Elderly/Middle Age/Young Woman: “Oh”

Me: *Awkward Nod* (I give her major props for making an already slightly awkward situation even more awkward!)

Elderly/Middle Age/Young Woman: “I thought that your purse was saving a seat for someone….but that’s nice, seeing a movie….alone.”

Her last sentence was cut off (thankfully) by the start of the previews and the dimming of the lights. While that woman may not support it, I definitely urge everyone to see movies alone…it really is a fun experience, even when you have strangers questioning your relationship status (single independent women for the win!). Luckily, I didn’t regret seeing the movie it was pretty cute and nothing beats cherry Icees and movie theater popcorn for breakfast/lunch. So, I highly encourage everyone to have “treat yourself days” because it’s never a bad thing to celebrate yourself!


Catch you on the flipside!