Well, That was Awkward….

Let me tell you I’m no stranger to awkward moments, I still have vivid memories of the time I left my bra in my 9th grade algebra class. Yes, you read that right….I left my BRA in algebra class. In high school I played soccer, and the freshman soccer players were given the ultimate blessing of having practice during the second to last class period of the day (SECOND to last….as in we had one last class to go to after practice, as if being a freshman wasn’t already torture enough…). On one particular day, our coach decided to really torture us and only gave us three minutes to change before our next class, I’ll also add that my algebra class was on the complete opposite side of the building, (maybe like a mile walk….or a ½ mile….okay maybe it was more like an 1/8 but either way it was awful!) so I had no time to attempt to go back to class looking decent, which I made my best efforts to do on most days because the boy I was infatuated with was also in that class (Spoiler alert: It never worked out between us, to this day  I still blame my soccer coach for sending me to last period smelly every day). Because my time was limited and my Algebra teacher was a stickler for punctuality, I decided against changing out of my practice clothes and instead sprayed myself with a whole bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom body spray (because it mixes so well with sweat…) and carried my bundle of clothing in my hands instead of shoving them into my gym bag. I made a run for it and I ended up making it to class right on time, once I got into my chair I shoved my clothes into my bag and got out my pencils and notebook and did a quick smell check on myself while no one was looking. What I didn’t notice until it was too late was that right in the front of the room, dead center, was the bra I had worn that day. There it was just sitting there in all of its 32AA glory (I was a bit of a late bloomer), I instantly panicked thinking about who could have seen me drop it…should I try to be smooth and walk over to pick it up or should I try to be sneaky and drag it with my foot back to my desk (because no one would ever notice that 😉). I was so caught up thinking about what I was going to do that I didn’t even see my teacher stride over and gingerly pick it up by the tag with two fingers and say

“Ladies, is anyone missing something?”

Eyes danced around the room looking for someone to claim it, when one boy raised his hand saying it was definitely his ( why I even wasted my time on boys in 9th grade is beyond me). I was waiting for someone to shout out that it was mine and they saw me drop it, but it never happened. So instead, my cute little baby bra stayed in Mr. A’s lost and found bucket until the last day of class when a strange turn of events occurred. My friend and I were just about to leave the room for the last time when he called for me to stay a minute, keep in mind the bra incident happened months before the last day of class….and I myself had buried the memory of leaving it below sea level, so the two of us stayed back and he waited for everyone to exit the room. When it was just the three of us left, he looked me dead in the eye and said

“You may want to get your…. possession from the lost and found bucket now”

My mind immediately took me back to that horrific day, and without making eye contact I walked over and swiftly grabbed my long-lost bra and quickly exited the room, also pushing my friend out with me, without saying a word. Once we were a safe 10 miles away from the room and my cheeks finally stopped burning red, I asked my friend how he could have ever known it was mine (yes, looking back now the whole situation was not only awkward but also borderline creepy). We spent a good amount of time coming up with different scenarios of how Mr. A could have figured out who owned the bra—when I remembered who my mother was…. I pulled the bra out and saw plain as day written on the tag in black sharpie M. Leiva. And I thought all along that I had saved myself from an awkward situation, at least he had the decency to wait until there was no one around to reveal that he knew it was my “possession” the whole time. To be honest though, I was happy to have my bra back it was my favorite one!

Luckily, I am now at the point in my life where I can just laugh off awkward situations like that; just last week my roommate’s brother came over to our house to drop some things off and I just so happened to NOT be wearing pants (I was alone at the house, so I felt I should take advantage and go pant less for a bit). I was at least wearing an over sized t-shirt (basically a muumuu) and the house was dark, but still the experience itself was a tad bit awkward. In the end, I’ve gotten used to dealing with the awkwardness because that’s my life and it’s probably (I mean ALWAYS) going to be like this.

Catch you on the flipside!



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