We are who we are

I had an interesting conversation with my coworker the other day (well, we have interesting/slightly inappropriate/hilarious conversations on a regular…love you Jess!), but this one stuck out to me the most because it really had me thinking about human nature. We were talking about how it’s funny that we can tell how our babies (babies meaning the babies we take care of at the daycare we work at, they aren’t actually our children…thankfully😉) are going to be when they grow up. At just 18 months old those children have the most distinct personalities, which is crazy because their vocabulary and motor skills are equivalent to that of a really tipsy fraternity brothers’ AND they still poop their pants! Regardless of that, out of our group of toddlers we have picked out which child is going to take over wall street, which child is going to be a cowboy (there are a few contenders for that one, we do work at a preschool in central Texas), and which child is going to be the wild one who sneaks out of their parents’ house on a school night (okay, maybe we decided that they were all probably going to do that…). In the end, this fun little future superlatives game really had me thinking…….we truly don’t change that much from birth to adulthood. Let me clarify that statement—we don’t change that much on the inside from birth to adulthood, we definitely change physically (thank goodness, I don’t look the same as I did in middle school) but our personalities and natural dispositions are always pretty much the same. Following this riveting work conversation (I’m totally making it sound like all we do at work is talk, which is completely false….we talk WHILE we work 😊), I talked more about this great realization I had with my mom. She agreed with my conjecture saying my sister and I haven’t changed a bit since birth; stating Gabby, my sister, was an “angel baby”, who could sleep through anything and loved going to the mall to shop even at the age of 2. I on the other hand was what she called “a bit of a challenge”—I spent the first three years of my life fighting any kind of sleep and hating being confined to cribs, car seats, and strollers (I don’t know what she was talking about…I sound like the dream child). The funny things is, my sister and I are still the same way; the moment she sits down on a soft surface she’s out like a light and she could spend DAYS in the same store shopping. I on the other hand still fight sleep on a daily basis (I’m definitely an insomniac) and I hate being confined inside of things (the Dixie Chicks had it right when they sang about wide open spaces…. they’re the best). In the end, knowing that I’ve always been a bit of a hot-tempered odd ball makes me more comfortable embracing the fact that I’ll never change….even though I tried real hard to in my adolescent years.

Good to know I was born with that RBF! 😉

I know I’ve been writing a lot about myself, and reflecting on my past decisions and experiences (not always the most entertaining material, but it’s at least enlightening, right?) but the topic has really been at the forefront of my thoughts lately. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, (I’ll be 20-“fun” in less than a month) and I’m about to graduate and actually have adult responsibilities (I’m still trying to get to the point in my life where I actually take my clothes out of the dryer as soon as there finished rather than the day after…. and yes, my clothes are typically wrinkly). But, it really is interesting to think that we are who we are from day 1. Now, I’m sure someone could argue against my statement by saying something along the lines of…..”well I definitely changed since high school” “or I’m not the same as I was in elementary school….”, which is all true but down to the core….you really haven’t changed. A sensitive child is going to be a sensitive adult, a child that has a real temper is going to be a hot tempered adult, and a child that eats their boogers (which is ALL OF THEM) will grow out of that habit when they realize they don’t really taste all that great. In the end, I wrote this mainly to affirm to myself that it’s OKAY to be a little different (if you haven’t already noticed, I’m pretty strange). In my opinion, it’s better to be different, life would be so boring if I wasn’t the sarcastic, witty, strong willed human being that I am. So, it’s good to know I was always destined to be who I am, not that I would change I think I’m pretty awesome person…but I may be a tad bit biased.



On a side note: I’m really thankful Facebook and other social media exists, that way I can still see what’s going on with my preschool babies after I quit working at the daycare. I really am going to be curious to know which of them will be ruling wall street, which will be saddling horses, and which will be running the world!


Catch you on the flipside!



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