Step To It!

Want to know one of my very favorite past times (even if you don’t I’m going to tell you anyway…😊). Well, I love nothing more than justifying my horrific diet/exercise habits with even more horrific excuses such as; my headphones aren’t sounding too clear….I obviously can’t go on a run today (because my legs just seem to stop functioning when my headphones aren’t working right), I can eat this whole order of French fries because potatoes are a vegetable (I’ll give myself a break on that, they are the tastiest “vegetable” around), or my very favorite… I worked with kids all day so I deserve to eat this whole bowl of ice cream and these Cheetos on the side (I can’t be the only one who needs salty treats with my sweets!). In the end, college and college weight gain (and general unhealthy habits) have hit me hard. Back when I was in middle school (damn, that makes me sound ancient), I could run a mile in less than seven minutes, these days I’d be lucky if I could run a mile in SEVENTY minutes (yes that is an extreme exaggeration, but the writing flowed so well I had to leave it). In my teens, I played sports and made a real effort to stay active and eat healthy, however as soon as I went to college and moved away from home I broke from my standard day-to-day routine. I quickly found much more comfort in eating a whole box of Teddy Grahams whilst watching reruns of The OC (the most UNDERRATED teen drama in my opinion, everyone should go watch if you haven’t. It’s on Hulu!) rather than spending hours at the gym. I also spent my Freshman year living in a dorm that offered soft serve ice cream at every meal (breakfast included) and served up healthy eats like pizza, burgers, pasta, hot fries on the hour (yes, they refilled the French fry bin EVERY HOUR they were open), oh and there was also a salad bar but I didn’t frequent that station too often (okay-I never frequented that station). So, my unhealthy habits culminated over the years and now I sit as a woman in her 20s who hasn’t done anything physically active beyond light walking in about three years, and whose also grown a very strong liking to Taco Bell recently (yes, the place with the horrendous “Mexican” food). All these factors combined take me to where I am today which is—really out of shape! Luckily, my latest vacation to Seattle has really inspired me to be more active (yes Maya, this means more than parking in the very back of the Chipotle parking lot for the extra steps). My sister and brother-in-law had me walking, hiking, and climbing (it was only climbing stairs in their townhome…but they’re steep!) almost every day during my two week stay. In the end, I left inspired to keep up the activity (it definitely didn’t hurt…I mean physically my limbs feel like noodles but at least they are becoming more defined noodles!) and make an effort to live a healthier lifestyle (my healthy lifestyle WILL include a Doritos Locos taco every once in a while though😉).

As you can see from my positioning, I’m a pro at hiking snowy mountain tops…..:/

I also feel that I should clarify what my goals are behind this whole “living healthier” kick I’m on (I call it a “kick” because there is no guarantee it’ll last long at all….I hope it will but, this isn’t the first time in the last couple years I’ve “vowed” to live healthier and subsequently ended up visiting a place like Taco Bell weekly), I’m not really trying to lose huge amounts of weight (I won’t argue with a few pounds) nor am I trying to be the next fitness blogger/Instagram star/Inspirational public fitness figure either (my sarcasm and RBF would not help me become any of those). Ultimately, I want to feel good mentally and physically…..and as much as I love to sit in my bed all day watching Documentaries and snacking on Australian licorice (the strawberry kind of course), Lucky Charms, and Pizza (all washed down with a Coke), that lifestyle doesn’t always leave me feeling very chipper in the end—but it does in fact leave me with a funky stomach ache.

Image result for funny marathon meme fitness
Marathons…eating cupcakes….it’s all the same right!?

To really establish my commitment to the cause, I made a last-minute decision today (Monday, July 17th) to begin my journey into a healthy(ish) lifestyle. I went on my first run in years (by run I mean run/walk/walk/walk/light jog/walk some more/okay run the last block back to the house) and I felt great afterwards! I say I feel great now because it’s only been a few hours since I got back, so I may drastically change that statement when I can barely bend my knees in the morning. In the long run (haha…. RUN…only I found that punny….okay) the sore muscles will be worth it, my old soccer coach always said “if you ain’t sore you ain’t working hard”, and I can’t help but agree with him in this instance. I also really felt a need to begin my mission today because I ate a cupcake for breakfast and a cupcake for a pre-dinner dessert (one my co-workers brought them in and I had to pay her my respects by eating some). Conclusively, I’m writing this in order to hold myself accountable (a.k.a if I don’t look like Karlie Kloss by next year y’all better get onto me 😉) and having my new lifestyle plan written is one step in the right direction for myself…..I think.


Catch you on the flipside!



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