Walk it Out

My Seattle vacation is in full swing! I’ve hiked a mountain, hiked the streets of this wonderful (and slightly overcast) city, and I have also hiked up and down my sister’s three-story town home (my butt and thighs are already tightening up!). I feel as if (okay, I KNOW) I have been more physically active on this vacation then I am on a normal day. The walking has all been worth it though, on Monday I got to climb one of the highest points in Washington and then gaze at an active volcano from afar (no need to get too close to that), I also had a snowball fight with my brother-in-law while we were up there (YES, a snowball fight in JULY). That trip also really made me appreciate the Earth so much more, nature really is an incredible thing and living in suburban Texas has definitely made me less cognitive of it (man…the more time I spend in Seattle the more of a hippie I become). The mountain trip on Monday also brought out my side of adventure, on the trail we hiked (we being my brother-in-law, cousin, and aunt) there was lots of snow (just enough for me to eat it several times) and there were plenty of inclines to further affirm how horribly out of shape I am. Along with mountain hiking I walked the streets of the city exploring cool shops, ate some good local food, and also traveled by ferry to a seaside town, called Bainbridge Island, reminiscent of Ryan Reynold’s hometown in the movie The Proposal. Everything I’ve done thus far on my vacation has been awesome, there has been plenty of walking…and I was quickly reminded of how important it is to ALWAYS have sensible shoes (even when it’s incredibly hard to find attractive ones!).

Me processing the fact that there is snow on the ground in July.

Luckily most of what we have done has been considerably active, so I have just stuck to sporting my “gym” attire (it never gets worn to the gym, but I still like to call it that) and tennis shoes, which are always sensible! Today, we probably walked about five maybe six miles, exploring Bainbridge and also taking a trip to Pike’s Place farmers market (probably the most famous farmer’s market in the country). The downside to our visit to the market was about 700 (that may be a bit of an exaggeration…)  other people had the same idea, browsing becomes a little difficult when you have a stranger walking right on your heels (did I mention I hate crowds?). So, while I didn’t necessarily enjoy the trip to the market it’s still a vital part of visiting Seattle, even when you rarely buy the food or merchandise there (browsing is so much more fun, it’s free!). I also got to experience riding in my very first Uber (yes, I’ve never left a party drunk enough to need one…. I’m a terrible example of a college student), no Uber horror stories to report though…. both drivers we had were pretty quiet (the best kind of driver you can have in my opinion).

Yes, I know I look like Quasimodo…..but it’s still a pretty cool shot!

On Fourth of July, my family and I celebrated in the best way possible……we ate sushi! Yes, sushi on America’s 271st Birthday we were also great and no one wore red, white, or blue….but we did celebrate the holiday by watching fireworks from my sister’s third floor window while playing “I’m proud to be an American” in the background (my sister felt so passionate that she started singing along, which ruined the moment a little because signing is not one of her many talents). In the end, the walking, the hiking, the constant getting up and going has all been worth it! I’m having a great time and I’ve got my eye on a couple of local vintage shops and record stores that I’m going to be browsing (okay, maybe shopping 😉) in the next few days. I’m sure there will be many more miles to walk in the days to come, but there will also be more adventures to come as well (so, I suppose all the exercise is worth it in the end…).

Catch you on the flipside !



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