Rain or Shine, It’s Vacation Time!

You want to hear something ironic? I really don’t like the rain….this is pretty incongruous considering my favorite color is black (or shade if we want to be technical, I’ve been told that black isn’t really a color), I don’t enjoy the sun (yes, I’m the werido who wears sunglasses when its overcast), and I absolutely hate driving in the rain (I always seem to find myself on the busiest highways on the rainiest days). I’ll never forget when I got caught in a tsunami/hurricane/typhoon style storm (yes it was all three combined…I’m not being dramatic at all 😉) my freshman year of college. Being a young naïve freshman, I never went to campus prepared for anything—no granola bars in case of hunger, no cash in case of emergency, no band aids in case of blood, and of course no umbrella in case of rain (I learned the hard way that all of these items are backpack essentials). That particular day didn’t even look like it was going to be rainy (Texas weather sure does know how to be deceptive), so I left my dorm wearing a pair of polyester yoga pants and a white sheer athletic shirt (technically I was supposed to wear a sports bra with the shirt, but I was feeling wild and wore a regular one instead….it was only a tiny bit see-through…..when dry). All was good until I hit the end of the day, my last two classes were back to back, their buildings were less than half a mile away from each other and I never had trouble getting to and from them on a regular day. This day however was a little different; right in the middle of my second to last class the all too familiar sound of pouring rain filled the room. I instantly panicked knowing I didn’t bring an umbrella, or a rain jacket, heck…I didn’t even have a trash bag to make a DIY rain poncho with! No, all I had were my polyester yoga pants and sheer white shirt (a.k.a my VERY sheer when wet shirt).

My class came to an end, the rain however seemed to have picked up, on any other day I would have just said “screw my last class,” it was calculus and I hate math, but I had a test scheduled on this lovely stormy day so skipping was not going to be an option. I waited at the door for as long as I could, mentally preparing for what I was about to walk into, and also silently hoping the rain would stall just long enough for me to make it to my destination. After waiting for as long as possible to leave, (that professor loved locking her doors the second after class started, so I had to be on time) I finally took a deep and clenched my teeth running out the door into the unforgiving precipitation. I was immediately slapped by rain and wind, the water came down so fast and so hard that I couldn’t even keep my eyes open (from what I could see I was the only idiot attempting to walk in the down pour). After what seemed like eternity, I made it to the math building and no joke, the second I stepped foot into the doorway the rain stopped (please remind me to never bring money into a Casino). I was so busy processing what I had just journeyed through that I didn’t even realize the handfuls of students who were camped out in the building keeping dry—that’s when it occurred to me that my shirt went from being sheer to completely see-through and that the make-up I decided to wear that day was streaming down my face. I hung my head in shame as I squeaked (nothing is more obnoxious sounding than wet shoes on tile) down the hallway towards my classroom, only briefly acknowledging the many looks of pity I received from fellow students. When I got inside I was shocked to see that everyone else appeared to be as dry as the Sahara Desert, there was either some kind of underground tunnel system I wasn’t aware of or I was just terribly unlucky (definitely the latter). I made my way to my seat in the very front (my arms crossed tight over my see-through chest, that calculus class could have easily turned into a wet t-shirt contest), and I sat shivering as I waited for the test to start. There is truly nothing better than taking a test wearing soggy clothing whilst eye make-up also streams uncontrollably down your face…..really, you should try it sometime! My professor began handing out tests walking quickly as she distributed 200 by hand all by herself (she was a little crazy!), when she got to me she stopped dead giving me a noticeable up-down scan saying “you need to go dry off before you touch my exam,” (okay, she was crazy). All I could do at that point was stare at her (let’s also note she was completely dry)  through my make-up stained eyes, here I was ready (AND ON TIME) to take her exam after traveling through a full blown hurricane and that’s how I was treated. I had several choice words for her at that moment, but being the non-confrontational person, I am I kept my thoughts to myself and obliged. I just so happened to get my best grade of the semester on that test; maybe I should take all my exams while soaking wet and partially exposed?

So, long story short—rain and I don’t really have the best relationship. Which is funny, because I am going to the so called “rainiest city” in America for my summer vacation. Seattle, Washington awaits me for the second summer in a row, while it’s not a white sandy beach or a tropical paradise, its vacation enough for several reasons; I get to see my sister and brother-law (they’re pretty cool), NO WORK (that’s a given for a vacation), and I’ll be escaping the Texas heat for two weeks (I can actually fix my hair without it frizzing up!). I’m not sure what my sister has in store for me this time around, last year we hiked Olympic national park, took a pit stop in Forks (yes, the town that Twilight’s Bella and Edward fell in love…. sadly I didn’t fall in love with any vampires during our visit), and ate some of the BEST food (she lives down the street from a homemade ice cream shop, we visited it a couple….100 times).

Looking classy at Pike’s Place last summer!

As I wrap this post up, I’ve come to realize I didn’t spend much time talking about my actual vacation (that was my initial plan, but the rain story was pretty fun….right?). Either way, I know I’m going to have a blast spending time with my family and I also am going to be having a great time NOT working or going to school. Hopefully, I’ll find some time to write about my trip and share my fun experiences with everyone, I’ll even try and take a photo or two (I’m notoriously known for not taking pictures). Most importantly, I’m going to avoid getting caught in a tsunami/hurricane/typhoon style storm!

Catch you on the flipside!



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